TAWANGARAN Metal Industries

water tank kmtcTawangaran Hussaini Industrial Company (THC) as service and Implementation Company in industrial and construction sections including fabrication of Hangars, tankers, fuel storages, electric doors, security doors and guard instrument, metal industries, types of doors and windows, and all metallic needs implement its activities. THC Company has successfully finalized several project in several parts of the country from 2008 since now. THC has two activated factories of 10 km area, which one of them located in Kabul and another in industry town in Herat province. These two factory have the capacity to fabricate the big steel structures including fuel storages, big Hangars and other. THC is ready for services in industrial and construction with its all safety tools, standard electricity, improved instruments, professional personnel, administrative staffs and potent directors’ team. Mr. Sayed Ali Hussaini who is the president of THC director’s team is very professional and experienced administrator. Our technician team is professional which every of them has welding certification of welding from authoritative resources. Our industrial services contains plot, design, fabrication and manufacture, analyze design and installation. Our staff with theirs considerable experience particularly in design and analyze of types steel structure. We always seek to provide plots of new steel structures by our new creation and innovation which will have high quality Read more

We have four categories in our industrial activities

Tawangaran Hussaini

Our Vision

Our idea is achievement of our country Afghanistan toward stability and its economic also big aims and arts toward industries and metallic infrastructures. This company has done so infrastructure project one of them is the workshop for youths who has come for achieving welding art. Tawangaran company with very ardency trained these youths and today every of these youths can implement many industrial works with themselves, so it proudness for Tawangaran company. We seek to act very politely with military

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Our Mission

Tawangaran company mission is to implement as active part specially rehabilitation, building and rebuilding number of infrastructures,  development of private sector, private human investments for supply of engineering services and international standard, vocation and traditional. We have done the base implementations regarding this issue, participation in building infrastructures in various provinces. Also our company with two factories in two popular provinces Kabul

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Our Ability

Ability of a person or company depends to experience, background and pay attention to the future, the thing which can make a company able is creation of correct cooperation and communication between all the personnel and machinery. The THC Directory team inspection is over the all work capacity seek to plot good solving ways, new ideas, supply enough tools, creation of ideas and new activities to increase the ability of the company to be the first list of the best.

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Our products

More than three decades’ war in Afghanistan caused a large number of damages and wastes of very infrastructures sources in our country including damaging of military station and military camps. But after stationing of international forces and ramping of milliard dollars’ capital also rebuilding plan of military stations in various parts of the country, requirement and production and fabrication of metal instrument and non-metal instrument become great, especially in military sections because they need of security stations and instrument for maintenance of fuel, equipment for maintenance of military vehicles, training equipment which increase the ability of army and police solders. Now Tawangaran Company having notice regarding these requirements and having enough personnel from manpower also modern machinery is seeking to be able to have high participation toward rebuilding of these equipment for military bases, for the companies which import fuel and gas and also for local people. Thus we identify THC products which are divided into four parts. First part is all steel structures, second part is fabrication and installation of storage, third part is produce types of security equipment and fourth part is fabrication and produce of doors and windows.